What is Routine Auto Maintenance and Why does My Car Need it?


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Do you think that if your vehicle is currently running that it is unnecessary to bring it to the auto shop for its factory scheduled maintenance, as detailed in the vehicle owner's manual? If this is your mindset you better reconsider your position. While your vehicle may be running great now, a few more miles and all of that could change. Here are 5 reasons why you should always keep up with factory auto maintenance, which includes oil changes, fluid flushes, filter replacements and more.

Prevents breakdowns

As mentioned, you may think that your vehicle is running great now but within a few hundred more miles or so that could all change drastically. Parts don't last forever, so putting off that maintenance could lead to excessive stress on the engine, resulting in a breakdown that leaves you stranded.

Keeps repairs at a minimum

You may think it is silly to pay to have maintenance performed on a vehicle that is running just fine, but remember, without the services it needs it's eventually going to bite the dust. This will result in a need for repairs to the engine, transmission or other systems due to neglect, and these repairs generally don't come cheap.

Keeps your vehicle operating at its peak

Routine maintenance ensures that your vehicle is operating at peak performance. This means you are receiving the power you need when you need it, all while achieving the highest possible fuel economy.

Ensures your warranty remains valid

If your vehicle is under warranty you will need to have these services completed to ensure it remains so. Vehicle neglect is means for terminating a warranty early.

It saves you money

The cost of preventative maintenance is generally much less than that of the repairs that will be necessary to fix your car once something goes awry. To keep more cash in your wallet and more gas in the tank always be sure to perform factory maintenance services.

When it's time for factory auto maintenance in Tyler be sure to visit All Tune and Lube. We offer factory services for all brands of import and domestic vehicles, including oil changes, tune ups and 30/60/90K maintenance. Give us a call at (903) 525-6789 to talk to an expert auto maintenance technician about scheduling an appointment for auto repair in Tyler so we can help you keep your car healthy.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ