Car Won't Start? We Can Tell You Exactly What's Wrong


Car Won't Start? We Can Tell You Exactly What's WrongModern vehicles are extremely technical machines. However, as advanced as they are, they still require routine care and maintenance. Without taking the proper steps to care for your car you could soon find yourself stranded. However, even with routine maintenance you still could face starting trouble. We've outlined some of the most common causes of no-starts, but be sure to have your car brought to a professional shop for proper diagnostics and repairs.

Dead Battery

The battery in your car or truck will last for years and years, but just like the batteries in your TV remote, it does need to be replaced from time to time. However, in many cases a dead battery is the result of a door left ajar or the lights left on. In these cases you simply need a jumpstart to get up and running again. You know you have a dead battery if you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, including no lights or other accessories.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what keeps the battery charged. If the alternator begins to go out you will likely experience trouble with other electric accessories. You may notice the radio shutting off randomly or the power windows getting stuck halfway down.

Malfunctioning Starter

The starter motor is fed an electrical charge when you turn the key in the ignition. This causes it to actuate its pinion gear which connects to the flywheel before spinning, which gets the motion of the engine started. A failed starter will often cause a loud clicking noise when you try to start the car.

Fuel Delivery Issue

If you're car's engine turns over and over but doesn't fire up when you're trying to start it then there is a good chance it isn't getting gasoline. First off, make sure your gas tank isn't empty! More likely it is time for a new fuel pump or a fuel filter.

Bad Ignition

If the ignition switch goes out you will likely experience symptoms similar to a dead battery, as in nothing happens when you turn the key, but you will still be able to turn on lights (if a key isn't required, try the interior lights, too).

No matter what is causing your car not to start the team at All Tune and Lube can get it fixed. We offer professional automotive diagnostics in Tyler for all makes and models. Don't hesitate to reach out if your car needs extensive mechanical repair or simple auto maintenance. Give us a call at (903) 525-6789 to schedule auto repair in Tyler today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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