What is a Vehicle Fluid Flush?


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All cars and trucks use a variety of fluids in order to provide an ease of operation. Different systems use the fluids in different ways and each fluid is very different from the others. Depending on the make of the automobile and the system most flushes are done between every 30,000 and 105,000 miles, but they mustn't be skipped, as that can lead to major vehicle damage. These are the common vehicle fluid flushes and why they are completed.

Brake Fluid Flush

It is important to drain and replace brake fluid as recommended because it absorbs outside moisture. This can cause damage to brake parts from the inside out, including rust issues. Brake fluid that has impurities in it can also make it hard to brake. You may experience a soft brake pedal or your vehicle pulling to the side if you need a brake fluid flush.

Coolant Flush

Antifreeze, or coolant, needs to flushed from the cooling system due to the dirt, grime and other impurities it collects as it circulates through the engine. Because coolant travels through the hottest parts of the engine anything that is not specifically designed to be in those sections, like these impurities, can spark up and cause damage to the inside of the engine.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmissions use hydraulic force to assist with shifting. You may experience gears grinding, delayed acceleration or notice the transmission slipping out of gear if your transmission fluid needs to be flushed. Each of these issues can end up causing your vehicle to need a new transmission or a transmission rebuild if the issue isn’t quickly resolved.

Power Steering Flush

Hydraulic force is used in power steering systems to make vehicle control much easier. Power steering fluid can go bad and breakdown over time because of the friction and constant temperature changes. This deterioration of fluid results in gunk buildup causing a decrease in ability to control the vehicle. Old fluid can also damage major steering parts.

Check your vehicle’s auto maintenance schedule to find out what fluids in your car need to be flushed and when. For expert auto maintenance in Tyler visit All Tune and Lube. Our expert mechanics can assist in keeping your vehicle well maintained and on the road. ATL is a full service auto shop in Tyler. Call us at (903) 525-6789 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Tyler today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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