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Transmission Problems that Require Repair in TylerHave you ever been driving down the road and suddenly there is a loud clunk and the transmission is suddenly in neutral and your vehicle is revving very high? Or how about just hearing a grinding noise as you try to shift? These are both common signs of transmission trouble. But what causes these issues? These are some issues that regularly are found in bad transmissions today. Remember, these problems can generally be avoided with proper auto maintenance!

Bad Clutch

Do you remember learning to drive a clutch and smelling that burning clutch. Well if you can smell that same scent and you're a veteran stick shift driver you likely need a new clutch or a clutch adjustment. A clutch can go bad due to high mileage or aggressive driving.

Faulty Torque Converter

Torque converters on automatic transmission can cause of a grinding noise while the vehicle is in a driving gear but not neutral if they are about to fail. The most common problem with torque converters is damaged or worn needle bearings.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Have you found a puddle of reddish liquid in your driveway recently. Have you also noticed your transmission acting up. Well then it is no mystery why. Transmission fluid is generally dyed red to differentiate it from other vehicle fluids. If your transmission is leaking it is crucial you take your car to the mechanic right away before you need major transmission repair.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

The transmission solenoid controls the flow of fluid through the transmission. The solenoid can become damaged if the vehicle is operated with low transmission fluid. Symptoms of a bad solenoid are similar to those of a transmission with low fluid or a transmission leak, such as delayed response from the transmission or popping out of gear. If you don't find a leak but still your solenoid should be inspected.

The transmission is a very intricate piece of machinery that requires special maintenance. This maintenance should be performed by professional auto mechanics so no damage is caused and the service is completed safely. For quality transmission repair in Tyler bring your vehicle to All Tune & Lube. The certified mechanics at ATL Tyler can diagnose and repair any problem with your transmission. They can also perform brake repair, engine repair, tune ups, oil changes and regular maintenance. Call (903) 525-6789 today to make an appointment at All Tune and Lube for expert auto repair in Tyler!

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Written By Brian Corey

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