Is it Time to Visit the Auto Repair Shop?


Is it Time to Visit the Auto Repair Shop?There are many ways that your car can communicate a problem to its driver. Although your vehicle is chock-full of sensors and micro-computers that help it run efficiently and safely, there are still some problems that are best detected using your own senses. So as you cruise down the road be sure to always pay attention what your car may be trying to say to you. The following are five ways to detect a problem with your vehicle.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Those sensors and computers all over your car are designed to increase performance and inform the driver of potential problems. If an issue is detected it will cause a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, oil light, ABS light or battery light, to illuminate. Be sure to visit an auto repair shop for diagnostics as soon as the light comes on to prevent it from getting worse.

Strange Noises

Should you ever hear any weird noises as you are driving your car it's a smart idea to visit the auto shop. Unknown sounds can represent a plethora of problems, but depending on what you're doing when they occur, you can often figure out exactly what is wrong. Any grinding, screeching, whining or wailing needs to be addressed.

Poor Performance

Have you noticed a drop in fuel efficiency? Is your vehicle having trouble getting up to speed? These are common performance issues that can often be remedied rather easily. Other performance issues may include a rough idle or stalling.

Leaks & Drips

Your vehicle uses a number of specialized fluids to operate its systems. If any of these systems suffer from low levels of their fluid they may malfunction, resulting in damage to their critical parts. If you spot a leak coming from beneath your vehicle do not hesitate to contact your local mechanic. Common leaks include engine oil and transmission fluid.


Weird shaking sensations are also a sure sign of trouble. The most common vibrations including a shaking while braking, indicating worn brake pads or warped rotors, a gas pedal vibration, which is a sign of an exhaust leak, or a vibrating steering wheel, which may mean it's time for a wheel alignment.

If you suspect any sort of car trouble don't hesitate to visit the local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and repair. All Tune and Lube offers complete auto repair and maintenance in Tyler for all makes and models. At the first sign of a problem be sure to call us at (903) 525-6789 auto repair in Tyler!

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Written By Brian Corey

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