Common Signs of Power Steering Failure


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Throughout the years advancements in technology have made driving an automobile more safe and much more easy. Things such as automatic transmissions, ABS brakes and even windshield defrosters have greatly improved the driving experience. Another system that ensures vehicle control is easy to maintain is the power steering system. This system uses hydraulic force to make it easier to steer a vehicle, especially at slower speeds. It is a hydraulic system that uses a belt driven pump to operate and the fluid needs to be serviced as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If you're experiencing issues with your steering system don't delay making an appointment with you mechanic. Common symptoms of power steering failure include the following.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

One of the most common issues related to power steering problems is a malfunctioning drive belt. If the belt is torn or begins to slip it will cause the steering wheel to vibrate furiously. While the park is in park or neutral turn the steering wheel back and forth and see if you can identify a spot where the wheel begins to vibrate, as this can also help the auto repair mechanic determine the actual problem in relation to the steering pump drive belt.

Hard to Turn Steering Wheel

One of the most obvious signs of trouble is if your vehicle's steering wheel becomes difficult to turn. It may be a result of a power steering fluid leak or issues with the actual mechanicals within the power steering system or inside the steering column. However it may also be caused by alignment issues or low tire pressure so be sure to have a certified mechanic diagnose and repair the issue to ensure a safe ride.

Whining Noise

If you notice a whining noise as you turn the steering wheel there is a good chance that some sort of power steering trouble is on the rise. The noise may be caused by the power steering pump if it is low on fluid or has malfunctioned and cannot pump fluid. Check the power steering reservoir to ensure that there is sufficient fluid. If there is the proper amount of fluid then the problem is likely a fault power steering pump.

To ensure a safe ride take care of all control related problems right away, that includes suspension and brake problems as well. For power steering repair in Tyler, TX head in to see the team at All Tune and Lube. We offer quality auto repair for all makes and models. If you're car is giving you any sort of trouble call us at (903) 525-6789 to schedule expert auto repair in Tyler today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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