Easy Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency this Summer


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Summertime is often considered the heavy driving season since many people take vacations that require covering many miles of roadway. In order to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best fuel efficiency possible it is important to conduct a few minor auto maintenances and follow some simple driving tips. Spend more time on the road and less time at the gas pump this summer!

Auto Maintenance MPG Tips

Your car requires a number of routine auto maintenance services. The following tips will help keep your car running its very best, which means better miles per gallon!

  • Change the oil - A fresh oil change will ensure proper lubrication in the engine which means less friction that can hurt fuel efficiency. The oil change process also cleans out the engine of unwanted and harmful contaminants!
  • Check your tires - Underinflated tires take more power to turn, meaning you'll be burning excessive amounts gasoline. You can check your tires at just about any service station for free!
  • Keep up with scheduled maintenance - All forms of maintenance will help keep your car running at peak performance. This includes changing the air filter and fuel filter, installing new spark plugs and wires and conducting routine diagnostics.

Driving Tips for Better MPGs

It isn't just maintenance that will result in the best possible MPGs. You need to drive properly as well!

  • Follow the speed limits - Speed limits are not only a legal obligation but they will also help you get the best fuel efficiency possible. Most cars get their best mileage at about 60 miles per hour, a common speed limit on highways across America.
  • Don't idle - Many people falsely assume that leaving their car running for a few minutes while taking in the views or using the restroom takes less gas than turning it off and starting it again. This used to be true when cars were carbureted, but new cars are quite the opposite.

Before you hit the road this summer be sure to conduct the auto maintenance necessary to get the most of our your gas tank. If you need any form of auto maintenance in Tyler be sure to visit All Tune and Lube. We will be happy to assist in your pre-trip preparations. Give us a call at (903) 525-6789 to schedule quality auto repair in Tyler today!

All Tune And Lube Tyler Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ