Is it Time for Exhaust Repair?


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Your exhaust system serves a very valuable purpose. It is designed to remove the hazardous exhaust fumes from the engine, ensure they bypass the passenger cabin and then expel them out of the tailpipe after converting them to less harmful emissions. It is also designed to reduce engine noise and increase fuel-efficiency by working in conjunction with the sensors within the system. If you experience any of these common signs of exhaust leaks be sure to make an appointment with your local auto mechanic right away, for the health of the vehicle, but also for your own safety.

Decreased Fuel Economy

One of the more subtle signs of an exhaust leak is decreased fuel efficiency. This will occur because The exhaust system is designed with several sensors in it to detect the amounts of different emissions within the gases that are being passed through the system. If the exhaust smoke does not reach these sensors there will be poor readings from the oxygen sensor, which generally results in the engine ending up running rich. This means it will be using too much gasoline to run and drop your MPGs by as much as 25 percent.

Loud Engine Noise

A very common sign of an exhaust leak is what sounds like a loud engine. It will most often be heard most during acceleration but it'll likely be audible during all times the vehicle is on. This will occur because of the exhaust smoke escaping through a tiny hole in the system will create a loud echoing sound. Common locations for exhaust leaks usually occur prior to the passenger cabin. This will not only make the engine sound very loud, but it puts passengers at risk of being exposed to poisonous gases. This is why it is extremely important to have exhaust leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Vehicle Vibrations

More than likely, one of the first things that you'll noticed if your car has an exhaust leak is a strange vibration coming from the gas pedal. However, depending on the size of the leak you may also find you feel it in the steering wheel and throughout the whole vehicle. As with the increased noise, the vibration will be much more noticeable during acceleration than during other times of vehicle operation.

If you believe your car has an exhaust leak it is important to have it taken care of right away, as this will keep your car healthy and put you at ease knowing you're not at risk of inhaling dangerous gases. For expert exhaust repair in Tyler bring your vehicle to All Tune and Lube. Our expert auto repair technicians will quickly diagnose the location of the leak and get it repaired to get you back on the road and it quick and affordable manner. When you need any sort of auto repair in Tyler call All Tune and Lube at (903) 525-6789 and make an appointment today!

All Tune And Lube Tyler Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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