5 Signs it's Time for Engine Repair


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There are some issues that should never be ignored when it comes to your car, such as engine problems. The longer you hold off on having issues properly diagnosed and serviced, the bigger the chance of needing more extensive repair. The following are 5 common signs of engine trouble that should never be ignored. If you notice any of these troubling symptoms be sure to contact your local auto repair shop right away to schedule an appointment for service.

Oil leak

An oil leak could absolutely wreak havoc on your vehicle's engine. Depending on how bad the leak is you could be running bone dry in no time. You may notice oil in your driveway as a black or dark brown spot, or if the ground is wet it could appear as a sort of colorful swirl or rainbow. Have a professional mechanic review your vehicle right away.

Knocking noises

The moving parts of the engine rest on what are called engine bearings. Over the years or without proper lubrication these bearings will begin to wear out. As they do they will start to produce a knocking noise that will rise and fall in speed with the engine's RPMs. Any time you hear strange noises it's a good idea to have an auto shop check it out.

Check engine light

The check engine light can mean many things, but as long as you get to a repair shop as soon as it turns on then chances are the problem will remain pretty small. The longer you wait to have diagnostics ran the bigger the problem will grow.

Decreased performance

The healthier an engine is the better it will be able to perform in terms of power and fuel economy. Many things can result in decreased engine performance, such as bad spark plugs, malfunctioning sensors and mechanical engine issues. If you find yourself with an engine that is not operating as it should don't wait to get to the auto repair shop.

Increased exhaust smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke often indicates that there is a leak of some sort inside the engine. Judging by the color of the smoke you can make a quick diagnosis about what is wrong with the vehicle. Blue smoke means oil is burning in the engine, white smoke indicates burning coolant and black smoke means too much gasoline is being burnt.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ