Does my Car Have an Exhaust Leak?


Does my Car Have an Exhaust Leak?One of the most important systems on your vehicle is also one that requires hardly any servicing. The exhaust system is tasked with carrying harmful emissions produced in the engine through a series of pipes and pass it out of the tailpipe, thus preventing the fumes from entering the passenger cabin. Aside from being dangerous to your personal health an exhaust leak can wreak havoc on your vehicle's performance. Depending on the location of the leak various problems can occur, including power struggles and a drop in fuel economy. If you notice any of the following issues be sure to get to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to find out if your car requires exhaust repair or some other service.

Loud engine noise

One of the most telltale signs of an exhaust leak is an increase in engine noise. This noise will be particularly noticeable during acceleration, especially up to highway speeds. An exhaust leak increases the noise produced by your engine because of the escaping hot air, which produces an echo-like sound as it moves through a tiny crack. The faster the engine spins the more exhaust is produced, resulting in more noise during acceleration.

Gas pedal vibrations

A common sensation you will feel if there is an exhaust leak is a vibration coming from the gas pedal. This is the transmission of the vibration that occurs when the air escapes through a crack in the pipe. If the leak is bad enough you may also notice that the steering wheel may begin to vibrate as well.

Greatly reduced fuel efficiency

When there is an exhaust leak it alters the oxygen sensor's ability to properly measure the levels of o2 in the exhaust. This is a very important measurement as it is what helps dictate the air/fuel mixture that is burnt in the engine. If a leak occurs the o2 sensor will pick up larger amounts of oxygen, thus relaying this information to the fuel injection system to use more gasoline. Not only does this greatly affect your fuel efficiency but it can also cause numerous other problems inside the engine.

It is important to always pay attention to any sign that you vehicle may not be operating correctly. A drop in fuel efficiency, strange noises, odd feelings, these are all things that can indicate major trouble. If you suspect you need exhaust repair in Tyler, TX visit the team at All Tune and Lube. We offer expert auto repair for all makes and models of foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Give us a call at (903) 525-6789 to schedule auto repair in Tyler at the first sign of trouble.

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