6 Signs it's Time for Alternator Repair


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The alternator is generally located next to the engine, either to the side or in front of it depending on your vehicle's set up. It is connected to a belt that spins due to the motion of the engine. The alternator is tasked with creating the electricity necessary to start your car as well as power accessories such as electronic windows and seats or the radio. It also provides power to the lights. If you experience any of these issues be sure to consult an auto technician, as it may be time for a new alternator.

Dashboard Indicator Light

If the dashboard indicator light that reads ALT or GEN illuminates it means that the alternator is on its last legs. Ignoring this light will eventually lead to a vehicle that will not be able to start because the battery will be drained.

Dim Headlights

If your headlights just aren't as bright as they used to be it could be due to a failing alternator. The alternator is what produces the power necessary for your lighting system. If it is unable to create enough electricity your lights will appear dim or they will flicker.

Electrical Failures

If you lose power to systems such as power seats, power windows, the radio, dashboard lighting, convertible top or otherwise it may be attributed to a failing alternator. This is because there is not enough electrical power being conducted.

Odd Noises

If the bearings in the alternator fail it may cause a rattling sound under the hood. You may also hear a clunking noise if the mounting bolts come loose.

Stalling or Hard Starting

A common sign of a dying alternator is hard starting no no starting. Your vehicle may stall while operating as well since the electricity needed to fire the spark plugs is not being generated.

Dying Battery

Batteries can die for several reasons, including simply leaving the lights on. However, if your battery dies and you're sure that it is still in good health it may be due to a failed alternator. The alternator is supposed to replenish the battery's power, which is necessary to start the car.

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Written By Brian Corey

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