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ASE-Certified Auto Repair TechniciansAll Tune and Lube is an auto repair shop in Tyler that can complete any repair your car, truck, van or SUV needs. Our state of the art facility is locally owned and operated by members of the Tyler community. This means we're helping our neighbors, our friends and our family so we strive for the highest customer satisfaction with every job we do. Our friendly technicians provide thorough and honest advice when it comes to your vehicle. From regular brake repair service or scheduled maintenance, to complicated engine diagnostics and repair, our experienced auto mechanics repair all makes and models of passenger and commercial fleet vehicles. Call All Tune and Lube in Tyler at (903) 525-6789 today for quality auto repair.

  • Suspension Systems
  • Timing Belts
  • A/C System Check & Repair
  • Replace Belts, Hoses & Filters
  • Shocks, Struts & Suspension
  • Brake Repair or Replacement
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Waterpump Repair
  • Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

A blown head gasket can result in coolant leaking into the combustion chamber, which will cause overheating issues and major engine damage. If you experience white smoke coming from the tailpipe, experience engine overheating or if your motor oil appears to be milky during an oil change it is probable that your vehicle has a blown head gasket. Head to ATL for expert head gasket repair in Tyler for any make and model of vehicle.

Water Pump Repair

The water pump is what propels coolant through the engine to help keep its temperature regulated. Signs of a failing water pump include a coolant leak near the front center of your vehicle, a loose water pump pulley, steam coming from the radiator or general overheating. Our techs offer water pump repair for all cars and trucks, ensuring a properly operating cooling system.

Timing Belt Repair

If your vehicle uses a timing belt it is crucial that it is replaced at the mileage mark as called for by the owner's manual. The timing belt synchronizes the rotation of engine's crankshaft and camshaft so that the engine valves open and close at the proper time. If the belt snaps it can cause the moving internal engine parts to be thrown out of sync, resulting in major engine damage. Replacing a timing belt as a preventative maintenance service often costs thousands of dollars less than the cost of repairing an engine after is has snapped.

Suspension Repair

Often associated with comfort, the suspension system also acts as a safety feature of your car. While it does absorb the bumps and divots in the road for smoother travel, it also ensures all four wheels remain on the ground, preventing rollovers and providing adequate traction for braking. If you ever notice that one corner of your car is lower than the others, if there is grease on the struts or if the vehicle bounces up and down continuously after going over a bump, you'll want to call ATL for professional suspension repair.

AC & Heating System Repair

Your car's heating and air conditioning system has numerous components that require routine service to avoid drying out, cracking, blockages or leaking valves. If you're not getting the heat or the cool air that you need for your commute be sure to stop by to let our auto technicians perform diagnostics and AC repair. A comfortable ride is also a safer one.

Commercial Fleet Repair

All Tune & Lube Tyler handles commercial fleet vehicle repair and maintenance. We know that to keep your business moving you need honest and fast auto service, which is why we are honored to provide these services to the businesses of our community.

For expert auto repair in Tyler, call All Tune & Lube today at (903) 525-6789 to schedule service. And don't forget to check out our money-saving coupons!

"They are great people! The lady behind the counter totally knows what she's doing. I just moved from Tyler and miss them very much. Always took my car there. Prices are great. Service awesome. I once had a rebuilt starter put in and it malfunctioned...they said no problem and put in another really fast without charge. Good Christians. The lady once took me home when I got stuck there AND picked me up the next day when my car was ready. Maybe I shouldn't say that and put 'em on the spot! I lived close, on McDonald. 5 stars is not enough for these great folks."
~ Jeff Hill

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